Sample Trips – Lower Silesia attractions


Lower Silesia is beautiful region, full of castles, old buildings, charming towns, cities and beautiful landscapes.

Historically, this region was always divided between three countries: Czech Republic, Poland and German speaking Empire. After WW2, Poland “received” land that before was in German hands…That synthesis – of Polish culture, chaos, sometimes poverty with German style architecture brings you something fresh…. Sometimes you may find abandonded historical buiildings, that are just perfect for David- Lynch like movies…Sometimes you will see some beautiful agriculture fields of corn, grain, sunflowers…Sometimes,  you will spot beautiful mountains with wild forests…ALL of that in Lower Silesia region, not further than 100 km from Wrocław !

Below I present you some samples of typical Lower SIlesian small cities and towns… They are located near Wrocław, or a little further – in nearest mountains. They are all beautiful & worth visiting…

Baja Silesia en Polonia es una area hermosa, llena de castillos, pueblos historicos y buenos paisajes. Este region siempre ha sido dividido por 3 paises: Polonia, Checa y Alemania, Despues Segunda Guerra Mundial , Baja Silesia fue “regalada” para Polonia (porque en los ultimos 150 anos Baja Silesia era parte de Alemania). Esta mezcla – de cultura polaca – chaotica,no regulada, a veces con pobreza incluida con architectura alemana y estilo alemano…resulto en algo nuevo y fresco. En Baja Silesia se puede encontrar los edificios antiguos y abandadonados (ideales para peliculas de David Lynch). A veces se puede encontrar tambien los campos de maiz, girasol…Tambien montanas con bosque…Todo eso no mas lejos que 100 km desde Wrocław !

Te mostro abajo ejemplos de tipicos sitios en Baja Silesia: las ciudades, los pueblos etc. Son ubicados no tan lejos desde Wrocław y los todos valen la pena una visita…


Bardo Śląskie is a small, charming town located near Kłodzko.Beautiful Old Town from XIV century, Church from XV century and a bridge made of stone from XVI century – all of that awaits for you in Bardo. Book your trip to Bardo now !


Bolków town is nice, charming place to see, but its biggest attraction is old castle from XIII century. Eight hundred years, can you believe that 😉 ? Book your trip to Bolków now !

Bystrzyca Kłodzka:

Bystrzyca Kłodzka is a typical small, charming lower silesian town located somewhere in the mountains. There are old churches (from XIV century…), Market Square and lot of old buildings from XIV, XV and further centuries – that survived many wars that Bystrzyca witnessed. Book your trip to Bystrzyca Kłodzka now !

Duszniki Zdrój:

Duszniki Zdrój is a place where people go in the summer and winter to enjoy some relaxing time in the nearest mountains. There are lot of buildings from XV, XVI, XVII and XVIII century in that charming town.Book your trip to Duszniki Zdrój now !


Located not that far from Wrocław, Dzierżoniów is a town filled with monuments built mostly in XVIII and XIX century, but there are also some of them that were built in XIV century. Book your trip to Dzierżoniów now !

Gryfów Śląski:

Gryfów Śląski is located in the western part of lower silesian voivodeship. The town itself is as old as over 800 years, but most of the buildings that survived time and history are from XVII and XVIII century.Book your trip to Gryfów Śląski now !

Kamieniec Ząbkowicki:

Kamieniec Ząbkowicki is most famous for its palace from XIX century. During the Second World War, the Nazis made from Palace a temporary warehouse for stolen precious works of art. When the Red Army entered the palace in 1945 they “reconsfiscated” them and… burried the Palace.  Now, since 30 years it is renowated and rebuilt.Book your trip to Kamieniec Zabkowicki now !

Kamienna Góra:

Kamienna Góra is located in picturesque mountains and it is filled with buildings from XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX century.Book your trip to Kamienna Góra now !


Beautiful town/ city located around 100 km from Wrocław. Its most famous monuments are Fortress and the Old Bridge from XIV century. Kłodzko – in my opinion – is second most beautiful city in Lower Silesia – after Wrocław.Book your trip to Kłodzko now !

Zamek Książ (Castle Książ/ Castillo Książ):

Castle Książ is already world famous for its history, underground tunnels and beautiful interior – like rooms, where elites of this world have been having fun in previous centuries. Including – infamous Nazis that made from the castle a part of their frightening genocidal system. Book your trip to Castle Książ now !

Kudowa Zdrój:

Beautiful town – health resort in mountains, famous for its chapel made from… skulls. These skulls are however – NOT – from health resort patients…. 😉 Chapel was built in XVIII century by local priest and his intention was to built something as a caution and warning against all wars.Book your trip to Kudowa Zdrój now !

Lądek Zdrój:

Beautiful town located near border with Czech Republic and near Kłodzko. It has old Market Square and lot of buildings that are on the list of historical monuments of National Heritage Board of Poland. Book your trip to Lądek Zdrój now !

Lewin Kłodzki:

Lewin Kłodzki is a village located near Kłodzko. Lot of old, historical buildings – from XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX century – many of them are already on the list of National Heritage Board of Poland. Book your trip to Lewin Klodzki now !


Charming town located just by the border with Czech Republic. If you want to experience the charm of small town, located somewhere in the middle -of nowhere (well, actually, it is in middle of Prague- Wrocław train route), dont miss Międzylesie.Book your trip to Międzylesie now !

Nowa Ruda:

Another charming small town near Kłodzko. Old Rynek (Market Square) and buildings from mostly XVIII, XIX and XX century – are waiting for you in Nowa Ruda.Book your trip to Nowa Ruda now !

Osówka ex-Nazi Complex:

Now this is something interesting. Underground tunnels, made by Nazis during last months of Second World War. Dont forget to take your sweater, as below, undergound – the temperature rarely exceeds 10 celsius degrees.Book your trip to Głuszyca/ Osówka complex now !


Sobótka is a good get-away from Wrocław spot, as it is located just around 30 km from the city and – you can climb here up to Ślężna. Book your trip to Sobótka now !

Świdnica + Church Peace (Iglesia de la Paz):

World famous Church of Peace, UNESCO heritage, made toally from wood in XVII century.Book your trip to Świdnica now !

As you can see, there is really a lot to see in Wrocław area and Lower Silesia region…


Ya lo sabes – hay mucho para ver aqui…

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