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I’m 32 years old guy from Wrocław, Poland. I know this city and region well enough to show its “pearls” to visitors 😉

I have a comfort car (with air condition) that is comfortable for 4-5 persons including the driver (me).


” For relaxing times, make it Suntory time. ” nah, its just wine (and me). One (just one, I have many of them !) of my favorite activities AFTER my hard work – drinking wine in a CLASSY (ha ha) restaurant


Hola, Lukas aqui. Tengo 32 anos y vivo en Wrocław. Vivo aqui desde 10 anos, por eso conozco Wrocław y su area – Baja Silesia.

Tengo coche comodo con aire acondicionado. El coche sirve para 4-5 pasajeros dentro (incluso yo)

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